Assignment 5

Exposure to Mass Media and Weight Concerns

A study on the exposure to the mass media and weight concerns among girls between Grades 5 and 12 found the following (Field, et al. 5):

  • Of the girls surveyed, 69% reported that magazine pictures influence their idea of the perfect body shape, and 47% reported wanting to lose weight because of magazine pictures.
  • Girls who were frequent readers of fashion magazines were two to three times more likely than infrequent readers
    • to diet to lose weight because of a magazine article
    • to exercise to lose weight because of a magazine article
    • to feel that magazines influence what they believe is the ideal body shape


Dove Self-Esteem Fund (Film Review)

How Does the Media Influence Self-Image and Behaviour?

This assignment is intended to provide you with the opportunity to examine and reflect on how the media can influence an individual’s self-image. Review the following video clips: Onslaught and Evolution, from Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. As you watch each video, make jot notes of your reactions to what you see using the Notes Tool. These notes will help you prepare for the class discussion where you will discuss your personal reaction to the clips (How did it make you feel? What did you think about the clip?) and how media can influence body image, especially for youth, (include specific examples).

Watch the videos and record your reactions in a Microsoft Word document.  Your reactions should be about one page.

Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word and save it.  Use the addresses below to email your assignment to the appropriate teacher.  Please keep a copy of your assignment until the end of the course.

To email your assignment to Mr. Loeppky, send it to loeppky email.

To email your assignment to Mr. Shaw, send it to shaw email.


Source: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. “Dove Self-Esteem Film Gallery.” The Dove Self-Esteem Fund. 2007. .