Assignment 6

Canadian Impact on Sport and Society — Athlete Selection

Many Canadian athletes have had major successes and made important contributions within their particular sport. However, their successes do not stop there. They extend outside of their sport, making significant contributions and having a positive influence on Canadian society.

Choose a Canadian athlete who has demonstrated excellence in sport, as well as made a positive impact on Canadian society. Your athlete must be approved by your teacher prior to starting your research and no one in the class may duplicate a chosen athlete. Therefore athletes will be approved on a “first come, first served” basis.

(In part two of this assignment you will research your chosen athlete and write a biography outlining his or her accomplishments in sport and contributions to society outside of their sport.)

Use the addresses below to email the name of your athlete to the appropriate teacher.

To email your assignment to Mr. Loeppky, send it to loeppky email.

To email your assignment to Mr. Shaw, send it to shaw email.