Assignment 7

Canadian Impact on Sport and Society — Research, sharing and discussion

After you have approval, develop a brief biography of the athlete and submit it for assessment. You may wish to visit Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame website for ideas. Using a Web search engine it is easy to find information on any famous athlete.

Do the bio as a Word document. Your assignment should be approximately 1½ to 2 pages in length (12 pt. font, double spaced). Submit your athlete bio in the contact form below. Your teacher will assess your work and if it is acceptable, it will be published for other students in your class.

After assignments have been published, you must read and respond with your thoughts to a minimum of two biographies your classmates have written.

Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word and save it.  Use the addresses below to email your assignment to the appropriate teacher.  Please keep a copy of your assignment until the end of the course.

To email your assignment to Mr. Loeppky, send it to loeppky email.

To email your assignment to Mr. Shaw, send it to shaw email.