Assignment 8

The Athlete as Role Model

Many positive role models can be found in sport. These athletes contribute to the improvement of our society and demonstrate the best qualities of citizens. Choose two athletes from any sport that you believe act as positive role models for society and answer the following questions in a Word document:

  • What qualities/attributes do these athletes represent?
  • What contributions have they made to society? Give specific examples.

While there are numerous athletes that act as positive role models, there are also some that demonstrate negative qualities and do not contribute to the betterment of society. Choose two athletes you believe have acted as negative role models and answer the following questions:

  • What qualities/attributes do these athletes represent?
  • What ways have they negatively impacted society? Give specific examples.

Now that you have identified both positive and negative role models within sport, answer the following question: Do you believe an athlete within the public eye has a responsibility to act as a positive role model for society?

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