Assignment 3

Assignment #3: Module B Assignment


Evaluation of physical fitness equipment/facilities:

  • Identify as many fitness products/equipment as you can (about 5 or so).
  • Determine the purpose and effectiveness of each product, suggest a less expensive alternative, and rate the overall value.

Create a Before You Buy 1-page information advertisement for a piece of fitness equipment (ex. treadmill) or a fitness facility (ex. YMCA). This advertisement should be directed to fitness consumers to prepare them for purchase. The advertisement should contain important information a consumer would have to consider/research to be knowledgeable prior to purchasing the equipment or membership. Your ad should include:

  1. Questions that need to be answered. For example, if purchasing a gym membership, how much do different fitness facilities charge monthly? (Minimum 4 questions)
  2. Tips for buying the product. For example, what to look for when purchasing a quality treadmill. (Minimum 4 tips)
  3. Situational factors to consider. For example, location of a fitness facility. (Minimum 4)
  4. WordArt and clipart/pictures to enhance the visual interest of your advertisement.

Your informational advertisement can be created in Microsoft Word and should be visually pleasing and organized. Read the background information pages from this lesson for information and ideas.

Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word and save it.  Use the addresses below to email your assignment to the appropriate teacher.  Please keep a copy of your assignment until the end of the course.

To email your assignment to Mr. Loeppky, send it to loeppky email.

To email your assignment to Mr. Shaw, send it to shaw email.