Assignment 6


After reading the background information in this lesson, you should have an understanding of teamwork skills, how effective teams work together, and the development of teams. Using your prior knowledge, analyze television shows in which individuals must work together as a team. Some examples are the television shows “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race” and “Top Chef”. Using the Internet, or your local television listings, find clips or episodes of one show you identified. Using the information in “Common Characteristics of Effective Teams”, take notes while you are viewing examples of how the team worked together effectively, and examples of how the team worked ineffectively.

After you have viewed and taken notes, choose two examples of effective teamwork and two examples of ineffective teamwork. For each, provide a detailed description of what occurred and clearly explain how it was effective or ineffective. Make sure to use terminology from the lesson. Submit your assignment to your teacher using the following headings:

Television Show:

Description of Show:

Date Aired/Episode number:

Web Address (if applicable):

Why I Chose This Show for This Assignment:

Effective Teamwork Examples (2):

Ineffective Teamwork Example (2):

Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word and save it.  Use the addresses below to email your assignment to the appropriate teacher.  Please keep a copy of your assignment until the end of the course.

To email your assignment to Mr. Loeppky, send it to loeppky email.

To email your assignment to Mr. Shaw, send it to shaw email.