Digital Ethics Introduction


So, you’re gonna use the Internet for school.  That’s great!  You need to remember the 8 Ps of Digital Ethics:

Protection, Privacy, Permanence, Perspective, Permission and Plagiarism, Productivity and Passwords

Teachers or parents can complete this Digital Ethics Unit in about three 45-minute sessions. We recommend the following set of three classes:

Commit.  Students and teachers may print and sign the Commitment to Digital Ethics.  Download the file:




Begin with P1 – Protection


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  2 Responses to “Digital Ethics Introduction”

  1. Hi Barrette,

    I think you’ve assembled a wonderful collection of resources/videos here. The 6 principles are fairly comprehensive. For what it’s worth, I don’t think I would be quite so comprehensive at the start of a class. I’d likely just focus on the issues that pertain directly to the current task at hand and expand on them as we move through the semester and other issues come up. I’d also keep the number of illustrative videos small; too many (or too long) and they wont bother watching them. Just to be clear, I would cover off all the issues you raise here; I’d just string that out over the semester. That added advantage to doing that is it make discussing digital ethics an ongoing conversation. Which is as it should be.

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work assembling these resources and making them available to others.


    • Thanks, Darren,

      Also thanks for the advice about covering these topics over time.

      I’ll try that, and let you know what kind of timeline I end up using.


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