P5 & P6 – Plagiarism and Permission


All material on the Internet has been created by someone.  If you use something that someone else has created, you should give them credit.  If their work is copyrighted, you might not have permission to use it.  If you’re not sure, ask or find something else. Wherever possible, look for material that is licensed under the Creative Commons. That might look like the (cc) icon on the right side of this page:  Always get permission and give credit when you use others’ words, pictures or ideas.

And remember that you own the copyright to anything you create.  So friends or Internet strangers need to ask your permission to use your stuff.  You may wish to share your own work on Creative Commons as well.

video courtesy of Penn State Teaching and Learning with Technology

video courtesy of Robin Good

Discussion Questions

  • Do you have the right to use any image, song, or text as you see fit?
  • How do you find out whether something can be used?
  • How can you share your creativity?
  • What types of things do we plagiarize without deeper considerations? (music, images, videos, quotes, ideas, etc…)
  • What are ways you can get away with plagiarizing?
  • If you can get away with it now, why wouldn’t you?

Plagiarism Plagiarism

Permission Permission

P7 – Perspective


Creative Commons License

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