P2 – Privacy


You may think you have your Facebook locked down, or that the self-shot you send to your BFF or BF is private, but it’s probably not.  Privacy settings can be confusing, and even if your settings are secure and your passwords are good, a friend’s might not be.  Digital things – pictures, videos and even words – can be so easily copied that even things you want to be private don’t stay that way.  Assume everything you put up on the Internet (about yourself or others) is public!  If you don’t want your grandma, teacher or future boss to see it, don’t post it.

(You may stop at around 2:00; it’s somewhat repetitive after that.)

video courtesy of Penn Masala

Discussion Questions

  • Do you know your Social Media Privacy settings?
  • Are you friends with someone you have not met in person?
  • Have you ever added someone you did not know?
  • Do you share login or password information?



P3 – Permanence


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